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*Save online.
Enter promo code GET10  
*Save 30% with all morning luxury half-day pontoon boats completed by 1:00. 
Enter promo code EB30

*Save up to $60 on all Jet Ski Rentals
completed by 11:00
Enter promo code EBJETSKI

*How about OVER $100 OFF early bird WAKE SURF boat rentals completed by 11:00?!
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SAVE 5% MORE! / Discount Policies
Get the Boaters Card.  Brag about it on Facebook.  Take a picture like the one above where you’re really happy about the card, and your husband could care less.  He’s probably thinking ‘sit down honey, we’re moving’.  But get it, ’cause it's smart, and you’re smart'.  *Sorry, on Saturdays, Holidays and Holiday Weekends, we don't allow discounts.  *No 'double-dippin'...that is 1 coupon/early-bird/promo/discount per rental day maximum.

About the card

We will pay you to get “The Card’ because it makes ‘cents’.  Renters do not need the boaters card, but if you have one we will offer you a discount.  Show us the California Boaters Safety Card, or any NABSLA and we’ll show you the money.  5% more off ANY deal with the card (presented on site at the time of rental).  While it is NOT required, if you have the time, we’ve got the ‘dime’.  The California Boater Card shows the holder has passed a NASBLA/State Boater Safety Course.

The card is issued by the California State Parks Division of Boating and Waterways (DBW).  The card is good for life, and most states accept California Boaters Card.  The fee is only $10.

Again, Discounts, savings or early birds do not apply on Saturday/Sunday or holidays or holiday weekends.  See Marina Staff for details.

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