Wakeboard Boats

Basic Wake Boat (open bow)           2 Hours    

8 Person Maximum                                                            $349                                

Our Wakeboard Boats

Our ski/wake-boarding/tubing boats are high-speed fun. They seat 8-10 people and include skis, ropes, a flag and life vests. Kneeboards, Inner Tubes, Wake-Surf Boards & Wake Boards are also available. Whether you are a novice or advanced, your game will be strong with this rental! The Elite Tom Cat (pictured) has and incredible wake with ballast tanks, and a stereo that will 'rock your boat', and it has 400 hp.


Luxury Wake/Surf Boats (v-drive)      5 Hours         10 Hours

10 Person Maximum                                                        $499                        $699

Elite Wake/Surf Boats (tom cat)      5 Hours         10 Hours

10 Person Maximum                                                           $649                     $899