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Sunset Tours 7:45-Sunset

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday Evenings, 7:45ish to sunset, Holidays excluded. Late May through early September.  We have knowledgeable local

 Captains to bring you to 'witness the sunset of your dreams'.  Bring your camera or smartphone and post, post, post.  Our captains will give you about 1 1/4 hours of float time, lake history and a 'good 'ole time' with background music filling the air.  Basically a short cruise by the Water "FALLS" and the West end of the lake.  Well worth it if you do not have access to the lake.  Adults $28, children under 12 $18, children under 2 we use for bait, so they're free. The tour leaves in front of the Marina Grill at Bass Lake Boat Rentals!  Come by, have dinner, then jump on the sunset tour to cap the evening.  These are exclusive tours with you, your friends, family, and people you don't know.  The sunset over the mountains can be incredible!  Sometimes we see Bald Eagles around their nest, and we even had a customer indicate the saw a Dolphin, although we're not sure they were in Bass Lake.


If you'd like to book your own personal cruise or tour with friends, family, or even by yourself, go ahead and give us a call! We'll do all the hard work for you and get you set up and ready to go!  Parties, Weddings, name it, we float it!​ 

+1 (559) 642-3200
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