Bass Lake Fishing

Fishing at Bass Lake

Bass Lake has trout, Kokanee Salmon, Bass, Bluegill, Catfish, and Crappie. Shore fish, fish from our docks, boat access fishing, or fishing with down riggers is popular at the lake. Many trophy size Bass and Kokanee have been pulled from Bass Lake.

Where to Fish

Fishing is accessible throughout the lake.  Fish from our docks, nearby shorelines, or one of our many rental boats. Those fishing with down riggers like to work the deep parts of the lake, especially by the dam and up to Fawn Point. Shallower sections of the lake are found up by our marina and along the straight from the Sheriff's Tower to Fawn Point, which are great for Bass. Kokanee angers have good luck in the jet ski area near the dam where many trees are still standing underwater.

Bass fishermen going after Spotted Bass and Black Bass work the shoreline in the fall and spring. Trout fishing is good by Brown's Ditch, around the day use areas, and by the Falls.  Trout fishing is best winter and spring.  

What Baits and Lures Are Catching Fish at Bass Lake?

Bass Fishing: swimbaits, Plastic Worms, live worms, Crankbaits, and Spinnerbait.  

Trout and Salmon: Berkley Powerbait, SpeedyShiners and Nightcrawlers. Rebels, crawlers, minnow imitations, spoons, and Rapalas are always good for salmon 

Crappie: Small Minnows, Spinners, live worms. 

Catfish: Nightcrawlers, Mackerel, Mini-jigs, Anchovies, Chicken Livers, Crayfish, Minnows 

Bluegill: Worms, Grubs, Nymphs